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We are proud to say we are now a 4th generation business that strives to make the best product on the market.

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We have a complete gunsmithing shop and can rebarrel your action, with a Hart barrel, chamber, lap the lugs, square the action, crown, and contour in many calibers: 20, 22, 22 Rim Fire, .243, 25, .50, .50, .264, .270, .284, .30, .338, 35 Learn More

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At Hart Rifle Barrels, we welcome both questions and input from our customers at all times! We will try to cover the important stuff that everyone can benefit from.

What is button rifling?
Button rifling is a barrel making process, in which a carbide button is pushed through a rifle barrel under pressure to displace metal to make the twist in a barrel. We believe that this type of rifling method is superior to other methods as it maintains a more uniform twist rate and depth of groove. Once you have a good button every barrel is the same as the last. Other methods require many passes to make one barrel, making it more difficult to produce uniform results.

Why does Hart Rifle Barrels prefer to contour your barrel blank?
We prefer to contour your barrel to your contour specifications, plus a few thousands to allow for polishing the barrel. The barrel is final lapped after it is contoured to meet our guaranteed tolerance. Contouring a barrel after the hand lapping will cause the barrel to fall outside of our specifications, as when you contour a blank the interior dimension will increase. Most all contours are included in our regular barrel price, some custom jobs that require additional programming time may incur additional cost, such as barrel bands, or counter balance knobs.

What contours does Hart Rifle Barrels turn?
We can turn just about any contour. Most Remington, Winchester, Sako, and Ruger contours are programmed in our CNC lathe, as well as any standard contour from Douglas, Shilen and Krieger. We do not list all of the available contours in this brochure, as they are too numerous to list. If you have something special in mind or need us to copy a specific contour just send us a sketch or the barrel to copy.

How do I know what twist to put in the barrel?
The rate of twist is determined by a number of factors, most importantly the weight of the bullets you plan to shoot. You will need to twist your barrel for the heaviest bullets you plan to shoot in that given rifle.

Should I flute my barrel?
Fluting allows you to use a larger diameter barrel with the same weight as a smaller barrel. The smallest barrel we will flute is .650 at the muzzle. We recommend that you allow us to flute your barrel, as fluting is done before the final lapping, thus allowing us to maintain our guaranteed specifications. We offer six flutes, eight flutes (minimum muzzle diameter of .870), interrupted fluting, and octagon.

Why doesn't Hart Rifle Barrels offer pre-threaded and pre-chambered barrels?
We do not offer pre-threaded barrels, as we believe that a good barrel is only part of the process of building up a high quality custom rifle. When we rebarrel your rifle, we true up the action as part of the job. If you do not properly head space, throat or prepare the action, the rifle still may not shoot up to it's full potential.
What do you recommend for barrel break-in?
We do not believe that a break in procedure is required with our barrels. If you follow our normal cleaning procedure, outlined in this brochure, you should not have any problems with your new rifle. You always want to clean your rifle as often as your course of fire will allow. If you have time to shoot one and clean, that would be fine, but we personally do not feel it is necessary. Please be sure to only use the cleaning solvents listed in our cleaning instructions.

Can I get my barrel too clean?
Yes, it is possible to get your barrel too clean, or to actually dry out the stainless steel. After brushing your barrel with a brass brush soaked with Hoppe's #9, Shooters Choice, or Butch's Bore Shine & Oil, several times and letting it soak for a few minutes, run a couple of dry patches in your barrel. Shoot a few more rounds, and if there is a considerable amount of cooper or fouling, then you may need to repeat the procedure. The key is, if your rifle is performing well, then you are probably getting it clean enough.

What about Moly coated bullets?
We do not recommend the use of moly bullets, as we have not seen an increase in accuracy or barrel life from using them. We have measured moly buildup up to .0005 for the first 2 - 3 inches in a barrel. We have not found a cleaning method that adequately removes the moly without potential damage to the barrel. If you elect to use moly bullets, we recommend that you contact the bullet manufacturer for details on the cleaning method they recommend.

Should I use JB or other abrasive cleaners in my barrel?
You should avoid abrasive cleaners of any kind in your barrel, as if used improperly, it may damage your barrel and reduce the life expectancy of the barrel.

Does cryo-treating reduce stress in Hart Rifle Barrels?
Cryo-treating steel has been in practice for many years to reduce stress in metal, and is very effective in some metals. The Crucible Specialties , Inc. 416R stainless steel we use to manufacture barrels is virtually unaffected by cryo-treating. Crucible's metallurgist have advised us that cryo-treating has no effect on 416R stainless steel. We have also independently tested several barrels and have been unable to detect any difference in the steel. We offer this service, as several of our customers believe in it and feel it gives them a competitive edge. The final choice is yours as to whether you feel this service is necessary.

What barrel finishes do you offer on barrels?
For rifles that we rebarrel, we offer a polished stainless finish, bead blast (dull gray matte finish), and Teflon coating ( matte black baked on Teflon paint). Barrel blanks are turned and rough polished only, your gunsmith will do the final barrel finish.

Can you throat my rifle to a dummy round?
Sometimes, if you want the throat longer than what our reamer is setup for. For special jobs you would have to buy the reamer for your project.

How do I ship my rifle or action to you?
You should ship your action or rifle in a sturdy cardboard box or gun case, to avoid possible damage. You may remove the scope, rings and trigger from your rifle before shipping. Currently you can ship via US Postal Service or UPS. If shipping UPS you must go to an actual UPS Station or call them for a "One Time Pickup". Insure the rifle for at least $1,000., as it will then get top shelf handling. Under current laws, the owner of a firearms is allowed to ship their firearm to an FFL for repairs without going through any additional requirements. Our mailing address is Hart Rifle Barrels, Inc., 1690 Apulia Road, PO Box 182, LaFayette, NY 13084. We only accept rebarreling work from the United States.

Do you accept foreign orders?
Currently we only ship to the US and Canada.

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