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Not a gunsmith or don't have the time? We can fully rebarrel your action with a Hart Rifle Barrel and send it back to you ready to roll.

If you are ready to experience the extreme accuracy and quality that we have built the Hart name on, download and review the rebarreling worksheet. Then give us a call.

download the rebarreling worksheet

Rebarrel Your Rifle with Hart Rifle Barrel


From barrel threading to chambering, crowning and polishing, through installing the barrel to your action, we can rebarrel your rifle with a new Hart Rifle Barrel and get it 100% ready for extreme accuracy.


We also offer finished barrels for AR-10, AR-15, Savage Rifles, Ruger 10-22, and Ruger 77-22, even if we are not rebarreling the rifle. Call for more information: (315) 677-9841.


The last step, before installing the barrel to the rifle action, is creating a finish. Among our many exterior finish options, we offer Teflon™ coating in Black, Coyote Tan, or Outdoor Green.


We can order a muzzle brake or install one you already own. To install a muzzle brake, we thread it first and then screw it on. Call us or download our rebarreling worksheet for more information.


We also offer finish options from Cerakote Gun Coatings, a popular and durable alternative to TeflonTM coating. To view the full spectrum of Cerakote options, visit cerakoteguncoatings.com.


Like the stainless look but not the shine? We have a blast cabinet, equipped with sand and glass beads, that creates an attractive, soft satin finish as an alternative to the polished, bright stainless finish.

Hart rifle barrels are throughly inspected after rebarreling service

rigorous inspections

When we send out a finished rifle, we do so with confidence and pride, knowing it has passed some of the most critical inspections of any gun manufacturer, anywhere in the world.

simple process

If you are ready to rebarrel your stock with a Hart Rifle Barrel, download and review the rebarreling worksheet. Then give us a call.

download the rebarreling worksheet

Rifle Rebarreling Service_Hart Rifle Barrel


Our experts have decades of experience. Call us to discuss your custom rifle project. We’re here to answer questions and provide direction. Call 1-315-677-9841

Hart Rifle Barrel – Jim Hart Replacing Rifle Barrel

the gunsmith's gunsmith

Primary Gunsmith and Owner – Jim Hart_Hart Rifle Barrels

"My customers always come first." -jim hart

Jim is the 4th generation owner of Hart Rifle Barrels and the primary gunsmith for over three decades. He holds fast to the Hart vision of making a truly superior product and is known for being more meticulous than his customers, who love him for it. In his spare time, Jim loves to get outside and spend time with his family. Although he does enjoy some bow hunting, he uses his Hart Rifle Barrels to hunt moose, elk, deer, bear, caribou, and other game.

committed to quality

Our unwavering commitment to quality truly stands out in the world of rifle manufacturing. We accept only the highest craftsmanship standards and use only top-grade materials, with individualized quality control in every step of the process.

Rifle Barrel Manufacturing by Hart Rifle Barrels Team
Hart rifle barrels are accurate, high-quality and custom designed for your rifle

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