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A Better Barrel.

Several world records, in multiple shooting disciplines, have been set with Hart Rifle Barrels.

Custom Rifle Barrel For Sale Hart Rifle Barrel

Custom made. One at a time.

Every barrel we make is individually
crafted, one at a time, for extreme accuracy.
We do not sell a "second-best."

Precision Rifle Barrels custom made for competition_Hart Rifle Barrel

Made for competitors. By competitors.

We understand what competitive shooters want in a rifle because we're competitors, too.

Hunter using Hart Rifle Gun Barrel

anyone can order a Hart Rifle Barrel.

You don't have to be a competition shooter, gunsmith, or have an FFL to order a Hart Rifle Barrel.

Designed for accuracy the Hart Rifle Barrel is one of a kind.

your barrel. your way.

Customize and order your Hart Rifle Barrel in just a few easy steps.

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Custom Hart Rifle Barrel_Best Rifle Barrel in the world
Remington 700 Custom Barrels Hart Rifle Barrel

Ships in approx. 8 to 10 weeks

Order your Hart Rifle Barrel online
anytime, and get it in 8 to 10 weeks.

Finished barrels for AR-10, AR-15, Savage Rifles_Custom Hart Rifle Barrels

Finished Barrels

We offer finished barrels for AR-10, AR-15, Savage Rifles, Ruger 10-22, and Ruger
77-22. Call 1-315-677-9841 for more

A Quest For Quality

Since 1953, Hart Rifle Barrels have been preferred by the most discriminating rifle shooters.

Best AR Rifle Barrels Manufacturer_Hart Barrels

    Every Hart Rifle Barrel is guaranteed to have a groove dimension tolerance of +.0005″ (for example: a .243 caliber can range from .2430 to .2435). The groove will not vary more than .0001 from breech to muzzle.


    Every Hart Rifle Barrel is measured with an air gage and examined with a borescope to ensure that there are no tool marks or other defects that will affect accuracy.


    If your Hart Rifle Barrel has a possible defect, send it to us for a careful inspection. If any manufacturer error is indicated, we will replace it, free of charge.


    Hart Barrels are hand-made from only the highest grade of stainless steel (416R). Our barrels are button rifled with six grooves. While many gun makers use "seconds,” our scraps are sent to a recycling plant.


    Every barrel that leaves our shop is individually inspected several times to make sure it meets our high quality that will affect accuracy. standards.


    Each Hart Rifle Barrel is contoured on a CNC lathe, then hand-lapped to ensure the best possible interior finish.

Riflesmithing and rifle rebarreling services performed by Hart Rifle Barrels

Rebarreling Services

We have a full-service riflesmithing shop located in our barrel factory. We'd be happy to rebarrel your rifle with a Hart Rifle Barrel and get it 100% ready to shoot.

rebarreling services
  • "Hart Rifle Barrels are truly world class barrels. They do not 'speed up' after a few hundred rounds, like other fast production rifle barrels. Hart Barrels are properly hand-lapped, from the beginning, which means no break-in period and no F.P.S variations."

    — Shad Kimbrell, PRS Competitor

  • "I have a lot of respect for the Hart family and the excellent products that they make. I use Hart barrels exclusively and their team is always friendly and accessible... great customer service!"

    — Jim Stekl, U.S. Benchrest Hall of Fame Member

  • "The team at Hart Rifle Barrels has treated me very well over the years and so have the barrels! Jim, Jack, and Karen are always reliable and very accommodating! They are always prompt, and take care to provide great attention to detail every time I have a special request."

    — Dan Dowling, Gunsmith & Competitive Shooter

  • "Over half a century later, with countless match wins and achievements, Hart Rifle Barrels still has the same desire for quality and a strong commitment to extreme rifle accuracy that founded the company."

    — Jeff Summers, 2017 Super Shoot Winner

Hart Custom Rifle Barrels_Made in the USA.
100% Made in the USA

What contours does Hart Rifle Barrels turn?

We can turn just about any contour. Most manufacturers' contours are pre-programmed into our CNC lathe. Standard contours from Douglas, Shilen, Krieger, Bartlein and many others are also available. Contact us if you have something special in mind. You can also send us a barrel to copy or even a sketch of your idea!

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